TNT NBA All-Star Saturday Night Coverage Claims Gains Across All Platforms

The NBA All-Star Weekend 2020 Saturday night coverage showed gains across all platforms, the network claimed.

The preliminaries to the actual All-Star game today saw the Skills Challenge, a unique obstacle course that tests the participants’ ball-handling, passing and dribbling abilities while under pressure; the 3-Point Contest, a competition of shooting ability; and the Slam Dunk Contest, which allows some of the world’s best athletes to show off their form.

This year’s Slam Dunk edition featured some of the league’s most notable high-flyers, including a pair of Dunk Contest veterans in Dwight Howard (’08 champion, ’09 runner-up and ’07 participant) and Aaron Gordon (‘16 runner-up, ‘17 participant).

This year’s all-star game is being played under new rules designed to increase interest in a competition that largely devolved into a run-and-shoot affair over the last few years, with defense forgotten and excessive showboating the rule.  The NBA claims the new format aims to increase the level of competition throughout the game, provide additional excitement at the finish, and make the outcome of every quarter count for charity.


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