UK Producer Blink Films Builds On Disney+ Order With PBS Pet Documentary

Dog Tales
Blink Films

UK production company Blink Films has landed a two-part PBS commission, in which it will explore the secret lives of cats and dogs. The documentaries will also air on BBC Four in the UK.

The indie will make 60-minute films Dog Tales and Cat Tales for PBS’s science strand Nova. It will include interviews with geneticists, animal behavior experts, archaeologists, vets and scientists to unravel the history of the species and their relationship with humans.

The documentaries build on Blink’s recent Disney+ order to make natural history series Meet The Chimps. It is one of the first UK indie’s to secure a commission from the streamer and the six-part show will use innovative filming techniques to get close to the animals.

Dog Tales and Cat Tales are Nova productions by Blink Films for WGBH Boston in association with BBC. The executive producers are Dan Chambers and Dan Gold for Blink Films, and Julia Cort and Chris Schmidt for Nova. Pete Chinn is the writer and director.

Blink is owned by Tin Roof Media and its other shows include Netflix’s The Creative Brain and Discovery‚Äôs Meet The Orangutans.

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