‘Saturday Night Live’ Roasts Iowa Voting Snafus & Biden’s Age In Democratic Debate Cold Open

UPDATED with video: Saturday Night Live took a break from bashing President Donald Trump in the cold open to spoof yesterday’s Democratic primary debate.

Before welcoming Larry David and SNL alums Jason Sudeikis and Rachel Dratch to the debate stage, Mikey Day kicked things off as ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos. He immediately declared the Iowa Caucuses a bust.

“Iowa was a disaster,” Day said. “Now it’s up to New Hampshire to start turning things around for the Democrats.”

Essentially calling all the candidates losers, Day’s Stephanopoulos introduced the presidential contenders as “future MSNBC contributors.”

“Losing Iowa was a real kick in the nuts,” said Sudeikis as former Vice President Joe Biden. After Biden’s poor showing, Sudeikis promised his numbers would soon “sneak up” and “kiss you in the neck.”

David reprised his Bernie Sanders impression. “I still can’t believe all this mess happened in Iowa because of an app,” David fumed. “Hey. I have an idea for an app. It’s called No Apps!”

Bowen Yang played presidential hopeful Andrew Yang.

“The issue in Iowa was math. Oh, I wonder who they could have called to help them out with that,” Bowen Yang said, pointing to himself but insisting he was referring to his lapel pin, not his race or the stereotype that Asians are good at math.

Kate McKinnon brought back her impression of Sen. Elizabeth Warren and admitted her campaign is “broke as hell.”

Dratch returned as Sen. Amy Klobuchar and compared herself to Latin superstar and Super Bowl halftime performer Shakira.

“I just want to add that Senator Warren is not the only sensible candidate standing here,” Dratch said. “You are looking at the other half of the New York Times endorsement, but guess what? Elizabeth is J. Lo and I’m Shakira.” Dratch then imitated Shakira’s tongue-flicking gesture, known as Zaghrouta, or an expression of joy in Arab cultures.

The Democratic candidates then shared their closing thoughts.

Colin Jost played former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who appeared wooden and uncomfortable talking about race.

“I know I sound like a bot that has studied human behavior by watching 100 hours of Obama speeches, so let’s get white Obama trending, and please, now,” Jost said.

Day then turned to Sudeikis’ Biden and told him he had 60 seconds to share his final thoughts.

“What!” Sudeikis said before mocking 77-year-old Biden’s age. “The doctor said I had six to eight months.”

RuPaul hosted this weekend’s episode with Justin Bieber, serving as musical guest. Bieber’s fifth studio album “Changes” is set to drop February 14.

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