TVSquared Launches Platform Linking Media Placements With Business Outcomes

EXCLUSIVE: TVSquared, an analytics and measurement firm specializing in TV attribution (the task of determining who gets credit for an ad message) is launching a new platform with enhanced ways of linking media placements with business outcomes.

The company, which operates in 70 countries and has recently set partnerships with Effectv, NBCU Owned Television Stations and others, says the new offering will bring more precise information to the marketplace. The platform measures reach, frequency and performance across linear and digital TV advertising, spanning tens of millions of households, across any device where consumers watch video content. TVSquared says tagging various ad servers enables it to capture 100% of OTT advertising, without the limitations of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology.

By measuring both impression-based linear TV in conjunction with OTT campaigns, TVSquared aims to illuminate the audience overlap across platforms, and the incremental reach that video brings to brands’ overall TV strategies.

The overall TV and video advertising business is in the midst of a transformation as the $70 billion traditional sector is being reconciled with multiplying digital and streaming platforms. The media business is also seeing a multi-billion-dollar wave of investment in streaming by several large companies, including ad-supported efforts from NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia.

“Together, linear and digital is giving the TV industry the greatest scale and reach potential of all time,” TVSquared president Jo Kinsella said. “We have strategic partnerships across the advertising ecosystem to create the most robust closed-loop attribution solution in the world. This means we can power independent TV measurement for advertisers and publishers – from direct streaming services to DSPs and MVPDs.”

TVSquared’s ADvantage platform gathers first- and third-party data, including smart TV, set-top-box, TV airing, digital adserver and data points such as app engagement, downloads and purchases.

One advertiser offering a testimonial about TVSquared is clothing brand Untuckit. “As we expand into cross-screen advertising, it will not only be critical to quantify the value of OTT buys, given their premium CPMs, but also to understand the reach extension alongside linear TV,” said Alberto Corral, the company’s senior director of marketing. “TVSquared is on the forefront of unifying linear and digital TV so that advertisers can measure reach, frequency and performance.”

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