‘SNL’: Meet ‘Pilot Hunk’, He’s Like ‘The Bachelor’ With Extra Baggage

SNL Pilot Hunk
NBC via YouTube

This weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Live on NBC featured a massive guest host — literally massive, as in J.J. Watt, the 290-pound man-mountain who gobbles up quarterbacks on behalf of the Houston Texans (an NFL squad that isn’t otherwise preoccupied this weekend) and is widely admired as a home-town humanitarian in the Lone Star State.

Watt proved himself fairly nimble with the night’s skit and monologue duty. The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year was especially good as the square-jawed, vacant-eyed Pilot Hunk whose looking for the stewardess of his dreams on a reality show but finds that all the contestants seem to have a lot of oversized baggage with them. But he’s okay with that. His stock response: “Heh, heh, I love that.”

The spoof of ABC’s The Bachelor (which is locked in on airline pilot Peter Weber this season) shows Pilot Hunk can put up with promiscuity and drunken excess but he quickly summons the guards to take down a contestant that confesses that she’s committed the sin of turning 30.

The Bachelor is an unending fount of comedy material for SNL writers and the show’s ensemble. It’s easy to forget to stop and smell the roses so to look back on The Bachelor’s many degrees of absurdity, here below are a few of the previous skits as well.

(Watt, by the way, has screen charisma — he was also in Bad Moms in 2016 and he co-hosted the CMT Music Awards that same year — but NFL players have been a ho-hum group as far as past SNL guest hosts go. Maybe that’s why Watt is the 11th NFL player to host the show but the first in eight years to get drafted for host duty. The last? Eli Manning, the New York Giants quarterback (and recent retiree) and brother to Peyton Manning.)



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