‘Saturday Night Live’ Holds Impeachment Trial With Alec Baldwin “Trying A Weinstein”

Saturday Night Live Impeachment cold open. (Credit: NBC)

UPDATED with video: Senate Republicans rejected witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, so Saturday Night Live held its own version of the proceedings.

In this weekend’s cold open, the NBC sketch comedy series put together what it called “the trial you wish had happened.”

While Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts presided over the real trial, he got the boot on SNL’s version and was replaced by Judge Mathis.

“We ’bout to do this trial right!” declared Kenan Thompson as the fast-talking TV judge.

Thompson quickly cast aside “sneaky little” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, played by Beck Bennett, and demanded to hear from Trump’s defense.

Enter GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, played by Kate McKinnon, who was described as “living his best life.”

“Now I may be a simple country simpleton, but I have studied this from top to bottom,” McKinnon said. Moments later, McKinnon’s Graham admitted that wasn’t exactly true.

“No I studied my chances of getting reelected and it ain’t gonna happen unless I kiss Mr. Trump’s grits and tickle his biscuits and that’s why I declare Mr. Trump’s innocence,” she said.

Thompson’s Mathis quickly lost patience with the cast of characters in the Senate and demanded to hear from the president himself. That was the cue for Alec Baldwin’s return. Instead of walking in with Trump’s usual confidence, Baldwin arrived pushing a walker with tennis balls on the bottom, a la Harvey Weinstein.

“Your honor, I’m a very sick man. How could I withhold aid from the Ukraine,” Baldwin insisted. “I can barely get around the house.”

Thompson demanded answers. “President Trump are you trying to Weinstein me right now?” he asked.

“In which sense, because Harvey and I overlap in a few areas,” Baldwin said to laughter. He then stated his case: “My defense is very simple your honor. I’m guilty, but it ain’t no thang,” Baldwin said with a touch of street flair.

Thompson eventually ruled Baldwin’s Trump was guilty. The reaction in the Senate? Everyone broke into song and belted out “Send in the Clowns.”

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt serves as host on Super Bowl eve, with country singer Luke Combs serving as musical guest.

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