News Corp. Unveils Knewz To Aggregate Local, Regional, National Pubs

News Corp., Knewz, Fox, WSJ, NYT
Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo

News Corp.’s rarely in the headlines but on Wednesday it unveiled Knewz, which it called an innovative aggregator “free of the bias bubbles and vacuous verticals that frustrate so many discerning readers and thoughtful publishers.” features of variety of sources that, interestingly, include many local newspapers from The Philadelphia Inquirer to the Detroit News to The Harftord Courant along with national outlets like CNN, The New York Times, The Hill, The Wall Street Journal and Fox News – the latter two outlets owned by News Corp. and sister company Fox. Knewz has a retro but snazzy black and yellow interface and a bit of attitude.

“We link directly to publishers’ websites, and hope to boost your traffic and monetization. We respect paywalls, and want readers to quickly move from our site to yours. Knewz is no walled garden or impregnable fortress,” explained an introductory email to editors and publishers signed by News Corp, CEO Robert Thomson.

It said the site uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence with curation to offer a “sentient selection.” Its proprietary technology constantly scans hundreds of publications and groups stories by topic. Editors create a selection of links that are a window to dozens more sources.

Content ranges from niche local, regional and national brands as well as new digital sites and it “favors  genuine scoops over crass clickbait.”

It promised “to share valuable data with every publisher, providing important, monetizable intelligence.”

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