President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition

President Donald Trump Shutterstock

President Donald Trump has called an early lid to any travel or public appearances today. Good thing, as the Commander-in-Tweet has been on fire this morning, continuing his voluminous tweetstorm from Saturday.

Today’s targets included some of the usual suspects, including “Sleepyeyes” Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press, Paul Krugman of the New York Times (“a lightweight thinker”) and “Shifty” Adam Schiff, the Congressman leading the Democratic impeachment efforts and someone Trump calls a “CORRUPT POLITICIAN and probably a very sick man.”

NPR apparently shouldn’t get too comfortable, either. Trump retweeted a Mark Levin question: “Why does NPR still exist?  We have thousands of radio stations in the U.S.  Plus Satellite radio. Podcasts.  Why are we paying for this big-government, Democrat Party propaganda operation.”  President Trump said it was “a very good question.”

We’ll add more communications as the President rolls them out. The tweetstorm so far:

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