Hillary Clinton Rips GOP Senate For Expected Donald Trump Impeachment Acquittal At Sundance Debut

Hillary Clinton
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“I hope this will haunt them, not only politically but historically,” Hillary Clinton said Saturday night at the Sundance Film Festival of the Republicans’ likely acquittal of President Donald Trump in his ongoing Senate Impeachment trial.

“I find it absolutely beyond my understanding why they are so cowed, so terrified to do what most of them know they should do,” the 2016 Democratic candidate told an almost overfilled Ray Theatre about the GOP senators, who seem hellbent on allowing the former Celebrity Apprentice host to escape being removed from office.

“They’ll probably default to deriding the case, they started that today, and move it as quickly as possible without any more evidence or witnesses called,” the former Secretary of State added at the conclusion of the world premiere of her Hulu docuseries Hillary.

With Trump’s defense team making their opening statements today, the third presidential impeachment trial in American history moved towards the end of its first week.

“You have a pattern that we saw in the 2016 election once again — it is not a retrospective, this is what could happen in 2020,” Clinton cautioned the constantly applauding crowd (which proclaimed “we love you” throughout the session) of the implications of the articles of impeachment the House Democrats brought against Trump late last year.

Leaving no doubt to her POV that her 2016 opponent should be impeached, Clinton noted that Trump is exactly the “leader whose behavior would be so egregious and dangerous to the republic” that the Founding Fathers feared.

As well as sparing her one-time political rivals no quarter, the first woman to ever win the Presidential nomination of a major American party sought to diffuse any in-fighting among Democrats vying to take on Trump in November.

“People can support whoever they want to support, but once we have a nominee, close ranks,” the 2016 nominee said, in reference to remarks she made in the docuseries about nobody liking Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator challenged Clinton in the messy 2016 primaries and is a top contender in the 2020 race.

Speaking of the current crop of Dems, Clinton was full of praise for senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar in their respective pursuits of the party’s mantle. “We will get there, but it is a big big endeavor,” she said of a woman finally being elected POTUS.

Hillary itself is a pretty big endeavor, at least to one of the people who brought the sprawling project together.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for viewers to see a real, unvarnished look at the incredible career of Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of the most influential politicians in American history,” said Howard Owens, co-founder of Propagate and Hillary EP to Deadline before the screening. “Thanks to extensive interviews with Secretary Clinton, her family, friends, staff, and politicos from both sides of the aisle, this is one of the most compelling political documentaries in history. Hulu has been a terrific partner, and we look forward to doing much more together.”

Shown at its full 253-minute length today at the Park City venue, the up-close four-part Nanette Burstein-directed docuseries is set to debut on the Disney-controlled Hulu on March 6.

Before then, the Propagate-produced Hillary has another screening tomorrow in Salt Lake City, but the ex-New York senator is everywhere at Sundance. Clinton attended the world premiere of the documentary The Dissident by Oscar winner Bryan Fogel yesterday and sat in on a Main Street panel today. Among other events, Clinton will participate in a sit-down at the festival’s Cinema Café on Sunday and a Women at Sundance gathering with the likes of Gloria Steinem, Eva Longoria and The 40-Year Old Version director and star Radha Blank on January 27.

Sundance 2020 runs through February 2.

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