Apple’s Immigrant Comedy ‘Little America’ Teases Wider Focus, Blast To The Past & No Politics In Season 2 – TCA

Little America at TCA
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Apple TV+’s new anthology series focusing on the immigrant experience, Little America, which premiered Friday, has already been renewed for a second season. On today’s TCA panel on the show, executive producer Alan Yang teased that the second season will go beyond the first season in scope and perhaps go “farther back in the past” to select the real immigrant stories which form the basis for the stories told in the series.

Yang also joked: “We might do an episode about Harry and Meg.”

Yang appeared on the panel with EP/writer/co-showrunner Lee Eisenberg, EP/co-showrunner Sian Heder, and EP Joshuah Bearman. Writer/EPS (and married couple) Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon appeared via satellite. Nanjiani and Gordon were Academy Award nominees for original screenplay for the 2017 feature film The Big Sick, a fictionalized version of their own love story.

Little America is inspired by true immigrant stories featured in Epic Magazine. Nanjiani, an immigrant  from Pakistan,  has lived the that story and Gordon said she would like to see her husband’s story inspire an installment.

“Even if he was still an open mike comedian in Chicago like he was when I met him, he is still deserving of a little bit of the Little America story,” Gordon said.

The creative team collectively said that the series will not deal with politics in an overt way. However, they noted that any program that examines the humanity of immigrants sends a political message. In a world of statistics and numbers in the news about the immigrant population, Nanjiani said “saying an immigrant’s name is sort of a weird political statement… every single (number) is a person, a human being…Maybe the show makes (the immigrant) debate seem a little more concrete or real or personal.“

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