‘Bang!’ Book Trailer: Mind-Bending Spy Tale Flips 007 Tropes On Their Head

Bang! Dark Horse
Dark Horse

EXCLUSIVE The “new releases” wall at a comic book shop can present a challenging landscape for uninitiated visitors but, when in doubt, they can always ask themselves one simple question: What would Keanu read? 

The answer to that question is Bang! — or it will be when the first issue of the twisty spy thriller hits shelves on Feb. 19. The star of the John Wick franchise is a big fan of the Dark Horse Comics series co-created by Matt Kindt and Wilfredo Torres. “A great f*cked-up blend of James Bond and Tintin,” is how Reeves describes the series written by Kindt and featuring the art of Torres and colorist Nayoung Kim.

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What Knives Out did for whodunits Bang! does for 007-style spy adventures by flipping sexist and culturally condescending tropes on their head. The four-issue story has a meta-twist hidden in its narrative secret compartment and its protagonist,  Thomas Cord, is the closest approximation to date of Bond as theoretically portrayed by Idris Elba.

“At the center of the series is international man of mystery, Secret Agent Thomas Cord,” Torres said. “He is, they say, the best at what he does…Agent Cord is just part of a much larger mystery and international conspiracy. Bang! is a high-octane, globe-trotting adventure story full of questionable characters, crime, and questions within questions.”

Below, you can watch the book trailer for the series, available here at Deadline first this morning and exclusively.

“Agent Cord is one complicated individual,” Kindt said. “He might be the country’s top spy, but he’s also a misogynist and a sociopath. Oh, and he’s possibly been brainwashed.”

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