NBC Chief On Why Golden Globes “Can’t Be Host-Free”, Ricky Gervais & Bringing Back Tina Fey & Amy Poehler


Less than a week after the telecast of the 2020 Golden Globes hosted by Ricky Gervais in his fifth turn, NBC on Saturday announced that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will return as hosts for the fourth time next January.

In contrast,  a few days earlier, ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke confirmed at TCA that the Oscars will go without a traditional host for a second straight year in 2020.

While he does not want to pit the two awards shows against each other, NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy likes the Globes host strategy.

“I think people do compare the Golden Globes to the Oscars a lot. I don’t,” he said. “I feel at this point they are very noticeably different from entertainment point of view, one’s very stately and one wants to stay a bit roguish. (The Golden Globes) is a very different beast. And no, it can’t be host-free. I’ve seen it host-free.”

Telegdy was in his first week on the job as NBC”s new head of alternative programming in January 2009 when he was informed that his oversight also included specials, including the Golden Globes, which were taking place that very week.

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

In 2009, the Globes was its 66th year and 65th without a host. It would be the show’s last time being host-less since. The following year, NBC brought in Gervais, who just did his fifth (and final, he says) Globes hosting gig.

“What’s the most awesome version of the Golden Globes? For me it’s one with a host, and Ricky did an amazing job this year,” Telegdy said.

Asked to further evaluate Gervais’ performance this year, Telegdy enthused, “Oh my gosh, thank you Ricky, thank you Ricky,  thank you Ricky, thank you Ricky,” adding “Does anyone want to host an awards show in 2020? It’s the hardest job, and there is no upside.”

Telegdy is referring to the intense scrutiny prospective hosts have come under on social media, which led to the exit of Kevin Hart from the Oscars last year.

A Taylor Swift joke Poehler and Fey made at the 2013 Golden Globes triggered a social media storm by the singer’s fans which went on for years. It came to an end at the Globes this year when Swift and Poehler presented together.

“The Oscars is meant to be the easiest job in the world for the most famous person on the planet, and they can’t get anyone to do it,” Telegdy said.

How was NBC able to get Fey and Poehler?

“They know they are in good hands,” Telegdy said.

Following the ratings success of the three Golden Globe ceremonies hosted by SNL alums Fey and Poehler, Telegdy hinted that the network has been looking to bring the duo back ever since, informally approaching them every year.

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Fey and Poehler are returning to the Globes on the heels of  contributing to the strong ratings performance of the Oscars last year. Joined by fellow ex-SNL-er Maya Rudolph, they kicked off the ceremony with a “not hosts” comedy bit.

“We get to meet all kinds of amazing famous people but there are a lot of people who don’t show up and do the work,” Telegdy said. “Tina and Amy show up and do the work wherever you see them. That’s what it takes to be good in TV, and it should benefit everyone.”

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