‘The Good Fight’ Co-Creator Robert King On What’s In Store For Season 4 – TCA

The Good Fight
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The Good Fight executive producer and co-creator Robert King promised TCA attendees Sunday that the fourth season of The Good Wife spinoff will zero in on “the big mergers” and “political” world.

“On the second day of the writers room, Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment,” said King. The assumption made during the early part of the season is that Donald Trump is still the reigning POTUS. Also the writers were keen to know, natch, that #MeToo and the Harvey Weinstein trial would play into the background story.

King further expounded on Season 4 that the law firm on the show, Reddick Boseman, has “always been effected by how the business universe of America is merging. Obviously, Disney/Fox, Viacom/CBS, everything is becoming a bigger conglomerate. Obviously the law firm was on such bad straits they’ve been bought by a very large international law firm. They took a yearbook shot of their lawyers and realized there’s no African American faces in it. There is this, what we’re calling ‘The Overlords’, there is this large conglomerate that has bought them up and created a new working space…with a staircase that goes up to a Nirvana universe.

“They basically, it’s our people that controlled their own fates now being underdogs, being in controlled by other people. It feels like it reflects what’s going on now. What’s described as synergy, means you’re f*cked, you’re laid off. We’re all agitated by this large gathering together of Amazon forces.”

King told us after the session that as far as Julianna Margulies reprising her role as Alicia Florrick on The Good Fight isn’t out of the realm of possibility following her pay dispute with CBS All Access last spring.

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