President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition


President Donald Trump is skipping golf this Saturday, even though the Washington, DC temperatures are a warm, spring-like 64. Instead, he’s turning up the heat on some of his opponents.

Starting with the FBI officers in charge of obtaining FISA warrants – “Are these “dirty cops” going to pay a big price for the fraud they committed?” – Trump ran down his list, hammering the “Do-Nothing Dems” for their Soleimani sympathies, Nancy Pelosi for her performance in office, and the undefined but ever-present “Radical Left” for their misguided ways.

The Commander-in-Tweet did have kind words for pollsters, which show him with a claimed 95% approval rating among Republicans and 53% overall.

Later in the day, Trump shifted his attention to Iran, issuing tweets of support for the street protests there, including several in Farsi.

We’ll add more as the communications roll in. The tweetstorm so far:

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