‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’: Trump Takes The Stairs


Stephen Colbert marveled at some of the behind the scenes news coming out about the White House activities during the attack this week on US military bases in the Middle East.

The Late Show host noted that the White House received a warning known as a squawk. Usually, when the White House hears a squawk, “It’s time to feed Stephen Miller.”

The warning prompted Trump – who was dining on meat loaf and ice cream, or, as Colbert put it, “possibly ice cream with meat loaf” – to descend several flights of stairs to the White House Situation Room. What could motivate the President toward such activity?  News reports indicated there were sandwiches piled on a sideboard in the room.

Despite the success of eliminating a known terrorist, Colbert noted that a recent poll indicated that 64 percent of those surveyed still don’t trust the President. The good news? “He is still polling ahead of Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Dahmer and one of the Menendez brothers.”

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