Megyn Kelly, Other Fox News Accusers Dissect ‘Bombshell’ In New Video

'Megyn Kelly Presents: A Response To Bombshell' Megyn Kelly/YouTube

Megyn Kelly, Juliet Huddy, Rudi Bakhtiar and Julie Zann – the former Fox News journalists whose sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes and other men at the company form the basis of the movie Bombshell – have released a little bombshell of their own: A 30-minute video in which they, along with Kelly’s husband Douglas Brunt, watch a screening of the film and then offer their reactions, often emotionally, during a panel discussion.

Megyn Kelly Presents: A Response to “Bombshell” was posted in full on Kelly’s YouTube channel today (watch a preview above, and the full video below). During their discussion, the women agree that the film got lots right, and some fairly big things wrong.

‘Megyn Kelly Presents: A Response To Bombshell’ Megyn Kelly/YouTube

Among the “liberties” taken by screenwriter Charles Randolph and director Jay Roach, said Kelly, was the implication that she sought approval from the Murdochs before asking the now-famous 2015 debate question about then-candidate Donald Trump’s insulting comments toward various women. Nor is it true that Aisles liked the question and the publicity it brought.

“He didn’t like the question at all,” says Kelly in the video. “And at one point he actually told me, ‘No more female empowerment stuff.’ ”

Other memorable moments of the video:

  • A tearful Zann says her immediate reaction to the film was, “It was worse than that” and “Wow, you really let Roger off easy.”
  • The women said they cried watching the elevator scene in which Kelly (Charlize Theron), Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) and a composite character (Margot Robbie) ride an elevator to Ailes’ office. ” I lost it,” said Zann, “because you immediately go to what happened to you and what (the Robbie character’s) fate was.”
  • Huddy recalls Ailes telling her, during a staff meeting, “Turn around, let me see your ass.”
  • The other women also recall the request to spin. “I was asked to twirl, and I did it,” said Zann. Said Kelly, “I was asked to do the spin and, God help me, I did it.” Kelly describes having succeeded at law school and a legal career, only to be asked to “spin” in front of Ailes. “If you don’t get how demeaning that is, I can’t help you,” she says.
  • Huddy recalls her shock at hearing Bill O’Reilly “taking care of himself” during a phone call, and says she put the “weird sounds” on speakerphone so her disbelieving mother could listen.

On her Instagram page, Kelly notes that none of the four women taking part in the discussion had sold their rights to the filmmakers, “so it was somewhat jarring to see a version of our experiences told by strangers.”

Watch a clip above, and the entire video below.

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