‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Suffers An Especially Irksome Day

Stephen Colbert Reacts to Vindman Testimony (CBS)

“Some days the news is frustrating,” said The Late Show host Stephen Colbert in tonight’s monologue. “And by some days, I mean every day for the last three years.” Today was no different, as Colbert noted, “I’m really irked. Trump is really irking me off.”

Now that it’s been a couple of days since “The Iran almost-war, the world’s sphincter is finally unclenching,” Colbert said. “Now the question is: is any of this legal? The administration says yes: They were heading off an imminent attack. But so far, Trump hasn’t provided any evidence of that.”

Administration briefers gave members of Congress a classified review of their findings. Not everyone was impressed, topped by Utah Sen. Mike Lee was particularly incensed, calling it “probably the worst briefing I’ve seen in the nine years I’ve been in the Senate.”

Lee contended the administration refused to answer the tough questions, including details on its claim that Iran was planning an imminent attack.

“That is the only reason for the meeting,” Colbert said “It’s like a doctor saying we have the results of your MRI, but I refuse to show them to you  Say, have you binged The Witcher on Netflix yet? If not, I’d get to that in the next couple of weeks if I were you.”

Not only was the administration not providing any information to Congress, but Colbert showed a news account claiming  briefers were shushing members who asked tough questions. Colbert was okay with that.

“Remember what James Madison said to John Adams at the Constitutional Convention about the separation of powers:  “Shut your dirty little mouth!”

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