Chris Harrison Teases “Stunningly Surprising” ‘Bachelor’ Finale, Hints At Hosting ‘Listen To Your Heart’ Spinoff


For Bachelor Nation fans hoping for a nice, wrapped-in-a-bow The Bachelor finale after the shocking endings of the last two installments, The Bachelorette: Hannah and The Bachelor: Colton, that’s not in the cards.

The current Peter Weber-fronted installment of The Bachelor too will have a surprise ending, host Chris Harrison revealed at TCA Wednesday. “Yes, stunningly so in a very different way,” he said of the ender. “It is very dramatic but in a different way.”

Harrison compared the upcoming The Bachelor finale to the two most recent cycles, and the comparison sounded pretty ominous. “In the Colton season, there was this crazy feat of athleticism where he jumped the fence, and Hannah, there was the twist at the end of hers with Jed and what happened. This is (surprising) in a much more emotional, gut-wrenching way.”


Harrison has hosted every show in the Bachelor franchise so far. While he was not announced as host of the upcoming music-drive spinoff The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart, Harrison is expected to preside over that offshoot too.

He was cagey when asked by Deadline whether he will be hosting Listen To Your Heart but hinted that an announcement is forthcoming. “You’ll see very soon,” he said.

In The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, 20 single men and women —  talented musicians or people whose lives and work revolve around music — search for love through music, singing well-known songs, both individually and as couples.

“It’s A Star Is Born meets Bachelor In Paradise, it’s pretty genius,” Harrison said.

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