Golden Globe Winner Brian Cox On His Character In ‘Succession’: “Rupert Murdoch Has F*ck All To Do With It”

By Anthony D'Alessandro, Amanda N'Duka

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

UPDATED with video: Talking backstage at the Golden Globes following his win for Best Actor in a TV drama, Succession star Brian Cox was asked whether his character Logan Roy is really just a portrayal of News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch.

“I’m playing Logan Roy!,” exclaimed Cox who plays a self-made media conglomerate boss on the HBO series much like Murdoch, “It’s our creation. Rupert Murdoch has f*ck all to do with it and you can quote me on that.”

Check out the video above.

Cox then shared a story with the press about being approached by a fan of Succession while he was at a cafe in Primrose Hill in London.

“We’re loving your show…My wife finds it a little difficult at times but on the whole, she’s really enjoying it'” Cox regaled the man saying. Cox asked why the man’s wife was having a hard time with the show.

“He said, ‘my wife is Elisabeth Murdoch'” Cox revealed, “I said, ‘Oh!'”

Cox continued, “He said ‘No it’s fine but can you go easier on her next season?’”

To which Cox responded, “we’ll do our best.”

Elisabeth Murdoch is the second daughter of Rupert and married to Keith Tyson, She founded UK based TV production company Shine in 2001, which was acquired by her father’s 21st Century Fox in 2015, merging Shine with ApolloGlobal Management’s Endemol and Core Media production houses, which specializes in reality TV.

Succession also won Best TV drama tonight at the Globes. Cox’s win tonight reps his first Globe in his 60-year show business career.


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