Sam Waterston Arrested Again In Latest D.C. Climate Protest Led By Jane Fonda

Sam Waterston
Sam Waterston during his arrest in October. Shutterstock

Actor Sam Waterston was among those arrested Friday in the latest weekly D.C. climate protest led by Jane Fonda, his co-star in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

This was Waterston’s second arrest. He also was arrested in October when he and other demonstrators blocked First Street on the east side of the Capitol, as they did in Friday’s protest.

Fonda was not arrested, but has been on five previous occasions, including one where she spent the night in a D.C. jail. Last fall, she moved to Washington temporarily to help organize the weekly rallies and demonstrations, called First Drill Fridays, as a way to call attention to the need for urgent action on climate change.

Also participating in Friday’s rally were Iain Armitage, the star of the series Young Sheldon, and director Josh Fox.

The focus on Friday’s demonstration was on who is to blame for the climate crisis, as speakers called out a number of fossil fuel companies.

“This industry kills people, and it kills children, and it does so with impunity and then it lies about it,” Fox told the crowd.

“When it comes to tackling climate change, U.S. politicians have rarely talked about keeping fossil fuels in the ground, until now,” Fonda said. “The shift in political momentum is largely due to activism.”

Fonda plans to continue to lead the protests through next week, as she has to return to work on Grace and Frankie. Another Grace and Frankie co-star, Lily Tomlin, was arrested when she took part in the demonstrations last week.

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