Zac Efron Says He Fell Ill While Filming Quibi Show ‘Killing Zac Efron’ In Papua New Guinea

Zac Efron
Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

Zac Efron has confirmed that he fell ill while filming on location in Papua New Guinea for his new Quibi show Killing Zac Efron.

In a post on Twitter and Instagram on Sunday, Efron said: “Very thankful to everyone who has reached out. I did get sick in Papua New Guinea but I bounced back quick and finished an amazing 3 weeks in P.N.G.”

Australian media, including The Sunday Telegraph, reported that the actor contracted a bacterial infection while shooting his Quibi adventure show, in which he ventures into the jungle to “carve his own name in expedition history.”  Reports have speculated that the infection was typhoid, which kills up to 161,000 people a year, according to the World Health Organization.

The Sunday Telegraph said Efron received medical care in Brisbane, Australia, and was allowed to return to the U.S. on Christmas Eve last week. Efron added: “I’m home for the holidays with my friends and family. Thanks for all the love and concern, see you in 2020!”

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