Hollywood Hills Tours May Be Restricted If New Regulations Are Imposed


Seeing the homes and stars in the Hollywood Hills may become more difficult for tourists if new rules are implemented by the Los Angeles City Council.

The council’s Transportation Committee has been studying ways to regulate the commercial vehicles, which some contend clog roads that are deemed unsafe.

Under proposed new rules created by the committee, tour buses and vans would be banned from driving through roads marked as unsafe by the Department of Transportation.

“My No. 1 goal is public safety for the neighborhoods and the residents who live in the hills, but also for the tourists and the passengers of these vans,” said Councilman David Ryu, who represents some hillside areas where tour vans frequently visit. “It’s really dangerous up there.”

Ryu introduced the rules to the council, and claims that he urged state lawmakers to allow municipalities to regulate the van industry, rather than making it a statewide issue. That resulted in tourists wearing headphones to hear information from their tour guides, rather than hearing information over loudspeakers.

Doug Galloway, the owner of Hollywood Classic Tours, said he feels the regulations are being pushed by Mulholland Drive residents, who have clout with the City Council and other government agencies in Los Angeles.

“There are always a few bad apples,” Galloway said. “I believe the blanket approach targeting all the tour companies that show tourists celebrity homes in the Hollywood Hills is wrong.”

Gallloway said any new regulations would impact his bottom line “I drive an enclosed $50K Mercedes Sprinter and I conduct a low key, under the radar tour that doesn’t impact the residents on Mulholland Drive or Coldwater Canyon. Why should I be singled out? The tour buses tour the Hollywood Hills because the tourists visiting Hollywood demand it.”

The city council will consider the Transportation Committee suggestions in the new year.







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