‘Saturday Night Live’: Eddie Murphy Bleeped In ‘Holiday Baking Championship’ Sketch


Hey, old-school Eddie Murphy fans: A-member his early-’80s comedy albums? They featured, oh, one or two rather blue moments, famously drawing the ire of then-America’s Dad Bill Cosby. Well, fast-forward nearly four decades, add Twitter Outrage, and you just knew that NBC’s Saturday Night Live censor-minders had their thumbs hovering over the mute button like James Holzhauer’s on the Jeopardy! buzzer.

During a sketch that spoofed Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship on SNL Saturday, Murphy let slip a rather minor expletive that was bleeped out for some but wasn’t for others. But in a borderline-cute case of modern political correctness, the comic realized the gaffe and put his hand over his mouth. Watch the clip above.


In the sketch, the contestants were tasked with creating a confection based on their favorite holiday memory. Murphy played Mitch, who fondly remembers playing video games with his now-grown children on Christmas morning and attempted to bake a cake shaped like “that rascal Sonic the Hedgehog.” Key word: “attempted.” Turns out he unleashed a demonic goodie with — in a clever nod to the kerfuffle over the trailer for the upcoming Sonic movie — happens to have human teeth.

As the sketch plays out, Mitch nonetheless seems to think he can beat the other contestants. Near the end, the possessed cake begins to move on its own. “Come back here, you coward — we can still win this s*it!” Mitch says. As the studio audience laughs, Murphy put his hand over his mouth.

How times have changed. Welcome back, Eddie.

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