Stephen Colbert Makes His Holiday & New Year’s Wish — Take One Guess


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas break for The Late Show with Stephen ColbertThe host of CBS’ late-night comedy talker noted that Thursday’s episode was its last before the holiday break, so naturally Stephen Colbert is siphoning off some December magic and glancing ahead to the new decade.

His Big Wish? “I’m looking forward next year, we could be getting a new president,” Colbert said. “And on Day 1, he or she will have a very important job: getting the old president to leave the Oval Office peacefully. I suggest cake on a rope.”

But then he took a left, er, right turn: “But in the spirit of the season, I do want to give Donald Trump credit on a rare good decision: signing an executive order giving most federal employees a paid day off Christmas Eve.” When the applause died down, Colbert went into his Trump Voice: “You know, Christmas Eve is such an important day — and so busy. We all get visited by those three ghosts who make us watch poor people eat dinner. Not a pretty sight.”

Check out the monologue clip below. And farther down, have a look at The Late Show’s “exclusive preview of Andrew Yang’s new campaign ad.” Advance warning: Uh, nevermind — we forgot what we were going to say…

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