‘Celebrate Boris!’: Donald Trump Congratulates Boris Johnson On Thumping UK Election Victory

Donald Trump, Boris Johnson

U.S. President Donald Trump has congratulated Boris Johnson on a thumping victory in the British election.

Johnson’s Conservative Party has won 364 seats in UK Parliament, with just one seat left to declare. This gives his party a majority of 76, its biggest victory since Margaret Thatcher’s 1987 election win.

In a tweet on Friday morning, Trump described Johnson’s triumph as “GREAT” and said the U.S. and UK will now “strike a massive new trade deal.” He said:

In a victory speech, prime minister Johnson said the election represented a “new dawn” for the UK, giving him a huge mandate to take the country out of the European Union on his terms in January.

It was a disastrous night for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn said he would not fight another election as leader of the party. He lost seats in Labour heartlands on a night of high drama.

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