‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Patty Jenkins And Gal Gadot Drop New Trailer At CCXP; Tease Details About Superhero Sequel

Wonder Woman 1984
Warner Bros.

CCXP ended huge with a panel for Wonder Woman 1984  featuring director Patty Jenkins and the titular superhero Gal Gadot. Kicking things off with a crazy light show complete with illuminated “gauntlets” given to the crowd, the livestreamed event for Wonder Woman 1984 was a first for the Sao Paulo pop culture confab.

When Jenkins came out to greet the crowd she was met with chants of “Patty! Patty! Patty!” (which seems to be a huge trend here). Fans submitted questions for Jenkins and one asked what we could expect from the sequel.

“The first movie was so great to make the beginning of Wonder Woman — but now we have Wonder Woman to get unleashed in the modern world to take on her greatest foes and save for her epic battle to save people,” said the director.

She shared new character posters of Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva/Cheetah and Chris Pine reprising his role as Steve Trevor. Jenkins is still keeping tight-lipped about how Steve returns but says it’s not a gimmick and it is integral to the story.

From there, it was Gadot’s turn to enter — and she came in like a rock star with an army of Wonder Woman cosplayers. After the crowd ovation, Gadot addressed where Diana (aka Wonder Woman) is in the movie. “In this movie we find her in 1984 and is quite lonely — she’s lost her friends and doing what she needs to do,” she said. “She’s helping mankind and saving them until something crazy happens to her.”

Details about Wonder Woman 1984 have been kept under wraps since it was announced, leaving people guessing as to what exactly will happen in the sequel to Jenkins’ groundbreaking superhero pic starring al Gadot as the titular Amazon. Jenkins shared that they will be doing many practical effects to call back to ’80s action movies. She said expect to see wire work, stunts and minimal CGI. Jenkins also pointed out that they tried to use mostly makeup for Wiig’s Cheetah. We also know that it will open June 5, 2020 and that it takes place in the ’80s — an optimal time in America for Diana to enter. Before tonight, we have seen Diana in new gold armor as well as glimpses of Wiig and Pine.

After waiting in anticipation for the trailer, Jenkins and Gadot finally unveiled it to the world via livestream — but those physically at CCXP were treated to something extra added on to the trailer.

The trailer was VERY ’80s.Set to the tune of New Order’s “Blue Monday” we get lots of mall-era fashion and we get to see more of Pascal’s villainous Max Lord. We are also treated to Diana’s dynamic with Barbara Minerva as well as the first look at Barbara as Cheetah (which means she’s just in animal print boots — most likely we will see her cat-like form in the future. It is jam-packed with lasso of truth realness, that slayworthy gold armor, power poses, more of Themyscira, blazers with shoulder pads and rolled up sleeves and tons of unbridled superhero action — including Wonder Woman lassoing a bolt of lightning!

Check out the two and a half minute trailer above. It should be noted that those at CCXP got three and a half minutes to give the rest of the world FOMO.

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