President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition

President Donald Trump Shutterstock

President Donald Trump may have 99 Problems, but a tweet ain’t one. The President was up bright and early on Sunday, communicating on Twitter and laying out some of the issues he faces.

First and foremost, the “Impeachment Hearing Hoax,” as the Commander-in-Tweet calls it, was given a zing. House Democrats have released a report laying out their case for impeachment, which is countered by Republicans insisting the investigation has been unfair.

Now, the President complained, the “No Due Process, Do Nothing Democrats” are changing the rules on impeachment. “When you can’t win the game, change the rules!”

President Trump also found time to tout an OANN investigation into the Biden family’s alleged corruption, and talked about how unlikely it is that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would consider hostile actions – unlike the Democrats.

We’ll update the President’s communications today as more roll in. The tweetstorm so far:

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