Donald Trump’s Impeachment Goes All ‘Empire’ In ‘Saturday Night Live’s Latest Move To “Make America Swag Again”


Empire may be in its last season on Fox but Saturday Night Lives Them Trumps supposedly from the producers of the soapy hip hop series was in full swing and swag tonight.

Yet, the clash between the White House and the Congress was front and center too in the latest digital short premised on the question “what if Donald Trump was black?” – as you can see in the video above.

“This whole impeachment mess has the country on edge, so you make have to be careful what you say today,” warns a slimy GOP Pennsylvania apparatchik played by Alex Moffat to President Trump – President Darius Trump that is.

Portrayed once again by Kenan Thompson and a hilariously horrific wig, with offspring L’evanka (Ego Nwodim) and now best-selling author Darius Junior (Chris Redd), this alternative universe Trump didn’t seem worried in a bit by scandal or the less than inclusive nature of his hardcore base.

“That’s because when they see me, they don’t see color baby,” proclaimed Thompson in what has become an ongoing skit the last couple of seasons on SNL. “I’m Darius Trump. I keep it real man. They know me, I’m the one who is making America swag again,” he says on tonight’s Jennifer Lopez hosted episode of the late-night show’s 45th season.

“I will do whatever it takes to win this election,” this Trump tells the packed crowd in Hershey, PA. “I will pop somebody in the head right on Fifth Avenue if I have to,” he states in clear reference to the real and long since scandalized Trump’s 2016 outburst that he “could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

It’s a remark that William Consovoy, a personal attorney for the former Celebrity Apprentice host recently referenced himself in a court hearing over tax returns. Consovoy argued before a federal judge back in October that Trump can’t be investigated while still in the White House, even if he murdered someone on the famous NYC street in plain view.

Maybe, but, in the typical twists of the Lee Daniels and Danny Strong created Empire and Them Trumps, once President Darius Trump gets his supporters’ all frothed up on red meat he becomes the object of their attack when he reminds them that he is actually black.

Hustled out of the arena, it seems despite being the self-described most protected man in the world,” President Darius Trump finds his motorcade being pummeled by his own not so color-blind supporters. A reaction that leaves him and his entourage no choice but to call an Uber at the end of the sketch.

This is the third time SNL has had Them Trumps. The way the stranger than fiction way Trumps are going, it won’t be the last, impeachment or not.

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