‘South Park’ Bites At Disney+ And Other Streaming Services – But Still Exploits Baby Yoda

The world seems obsessed lately with Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, the buzzy hit for Disney+. So, naturally, that fascination was ripe for ribbing on South Park.
Tonight’s show focused on efforts by Scott Malkinson to get a streaming service in order to win the heart of a local girl. The only problem: his old man is bitter because the services are cannibalizing his cable business and driving down the quality of their shows. He refuses to get one.
Malkinson comes up with a solution. You can buy the streaming rights to the Scott Malkinson Show by calling a special number that actually works and is located in the town that South Park is based on.
Of course, South Park is biting the hand that feeds it by tweaking streaming services. The show recently concluded its own blockbuster deal with HBO Max.

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