‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Uncovers The Bitchy Side Of World Leaders

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Comedy Central

Trevor Noah and the crew at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show had some fun with the now-infamous video of several world leaders talking about President Donald Trump behind his back at the NATO Summit.

In the video, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and French President Emmanuel Macron were seen socializing in a relaxed party setting. While not all of the conversation can be discerned, Trudeau is heard mocking the long speeches Trump gave, and how something he said caused, in Trudeau’s words, his staff’s jaws to drop.

“Man, that video is amazing for two reasons,” said Noah. “It’s crazy we heard private conversations. And two, that when world leaders get together, they are gossiping bitches just like the rest of us.”

Noah expressed amazement that the banter focuses on the frivolous instead of things like treaties. “Instead, they’re like, “What was he wearing?”

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