‘Tigra & Dazzler’ Showrunner & Writers Exit; Production On Marvel-Hulu Animated Comedy On Hold

By Denise Petski, Geoff Boucher

Dazzler, Tigra, Hit-Monkey, and M.O.D.O.K. Marvel

Marvel animated series Tigra & Dazzler is searching for a new showrunner and writers following a shakeup on the series. Sources close to the production confirm to Deadline that Hulu has parted ways with showrunner Erica Rivinoja due to creative differences, but the show is still moving forward at the streamer.

In Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show, “woke superheroes” and best friends Tigra and Dazzler fight for recognition among powered people who make up the 8 million stories in Los Angeles. Chelsea Handler remains as executive producer, along with Jeph Loeb.

Tigra & Dazzler
is one of four animated original series at Hulu, along with Howard the Duck, Hit Monkey and M.O.D.O.K.

Dazzler no 1 Marvel Comics February 1980

The Hulu shows are geared toward the more comedic end of the Marvel Universe, and an ironic tone will be watchword for the quartet of off-kilter franchises. Tigra and Dazzler have plenty of history as “serious” heroes in the page of Marvel Comics. Both were introduced in the 1970s, and each was an overture by Marvel to catch the attention of young female readers.

Tigra and Dazzler are very much of the era in which they were created. Introduced in 1974, Tigra is the mystically transformed Greer Grant, the widow of a policeman who turns into a ferocious “tiger woman” covered head-to-toe in striped, tawny fur.

Marvel Chillers Tigra 1974
Marvel Comics

The slinky Tigra has formidable fighting prowess thanks to the claws, teeth, reflexes and feline tail that came along with her major makeover, but she is better known to Marvel readers for her skimpy outfits and frequently sexualized persona.

Dazzler was introduced in the February 1980 issue of the The Uncanny X-Men, which was the bestselling monthly title for Marvel in that era. Like Wolverine or Storm, Dazzler (aka Allison Blair) is a mutant. Her unique power: transforming sound into powerful light that can be used as a weapon.

Blair also is a disco singer — an alias that later made her akin to the Hannah Montana of the Marvel Universe. Dazzler was created by committee as quirky partnership between Marvel and Neil Bogart’s Casablanca Records, the record label known for such disco stars as Donna Summer, Village People and “Funkytown” band Lipps, Inc.

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