UK Election: Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan, John Cleese & Alan Sugar Among Celebrities To Wade In Ahead Of December 12 Vote


As the UK heads back to the voting booths tomorrow to elect a government, film and TV stars have been declaring allegiances.

Polls have consistently pointed to a Conservative win at the general election, though a final major survey this morning predicted only a slim victory for the Tories over Labour. Brexit and the National Health Service have been the major campaigning points throughout.

Hugh Grant has been among the most vocal celebrity canvassers, urging the public to vote tactically to avoid a Conservative majority. The Four Weddings And A Funeral star took to the streets last week with Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians.

Grant was asked this week about Conservative leader Boris Johnson recreating a scene from Love Actually as part of his campaign. “I thought it was quite well done, very high production values, but clearly the Conservative Party have an awful lot of money. Maybe that’s where the rubles went.”

The Thick Of It and Veep creator Armando Iannucci has also been a vocal supporter of tactical voting in favor of the Labour and Lib Dems, telling voters today on Twitter, “Don’t write Johnson off as just as harmless clown. If he is a clown, it’s the clown from ‘It'”.

Alan Partridge star Steve Coogan has also taken to the streets to support the Labour cause, while others to declare their support for Labour include Rob Delaney, Mark Ruffalo, Maxine Peake, Mike Leigh, Ronan Bennett, Stephen Frears, Asif Kapadia, Aki Kaurismaki, Ken Loach and Ashley Walters.

At the premier of Dumbo earlier this year, Danny DeVito urged fans to support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as he gave him the thumbs up on the red carpet. Brit singer Dua Lipa endorsed the party to her 36m followers on Instagram as has UK rapper Stormzy.

Meanwhile, businessman Alan Sugar, star of BBC’s The Apprentice, is among a far smaller pool of celebrities to publicly endorse the Conservatives, though fellow reality TV star Donald Trump is also a Boris Johnson fan.

Eddie Marsan, Dom Joly and presenter Rachel Riley have been among those voicing support for the Liberal Democrats. Last month, John Cleese suggested on Twitter that he would be voting for the Green Party.


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