Trevor Noah Roasts Republicans For Choosing Trump Over Honest Abe In New Poll

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Trump Poll (Credit: Comedy Central)
Comedy Central

The numbers are in and they show more than half of Republicans think Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln.

According to a new survey conducted by The Economist/YouGov, 53% of the people polled said they prefer Trump over Lincoln. That’s compared to 47% who chose Honest Abe.

The results didn’t sit well with The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who found the numbers laughable.

“Damn. Republicans like Trump more than Lincoln,” Noah said. “And knowing some Republicans, that makes sense. They’re like ‘Lincoln was a great president except for one thing he did. You know what I’m talking about.'”

Despite what you may think, Noah wasn’t referring to slavery.

“I’m talking about the chin-strapped beard,” he joked.

The Comedy Central star then said Trump and Lincoln have more in common than politics.

“Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and Trump freed Rudy Giuliani from Area 51,” he quipped.

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