Two Killed & Suspect Shot Dead In London Bridge Terror Attack

London Bridge
Stephen Chung/LNP/Shutterstock

UPDATED, 12:30 PM PT with confirmed deaths, more info: Two people have been killed and three others injured in a terror attack at London Bridge on Friday, during which the suspect was shot dead by police.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the deaths during a press briefing Friday evening following the incident, which took place in the British capital at around 2 PM local time.

The male suspect was shot dead after police received reports he was carrying an explosive device. Investigations later confirmed the device was a hoax.

The London Ambulance Service said it was a “major incident” and a number of crews attended the scene at London Bridge, where the River Thames crossing was placed on lockdown.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan described Friday’s events as a “horrendous incident,” adding that the capital must “stand strong and united in the face of terror.”

In a press briefing, he added that members of the public and police officers displayed “breathtaking heroism” in helping tackle the suspect. “They really are the best of us,” Khan said.

A number of videos circulated on social media appearing to show a scuffle on London Bridge itself involving a number of people and the apparent sound of a gun being fired.

BBC reporter John McManus was on the scene as the incident unfolded. He said there “appeared to be a fight going on” with one man being attacked by others. Police arrived and “a number of shots were fired at this man,” McManus said.

London Bridge was the scene of a major terror attack in 2017 when eight people were killed and nearly 50 others injured after three attackers drove into pedestrians and then went on a stabbing spree.

The New York Police Department said there are “currently no specific or credible threats in NYC” following the incident in London.

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