Stephen Colbert Torches Trump For Debunked “Conspiracy Ramble” On Fox News

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019. (Credit: CBS)

Stephen Colbert listened to President Trump’s Friday interview on Fox & Friends about the impeachment hearings, Ukraine and the 2016 election. The comedian did not like what he heard.

“With all the impeachment testimony last week, Trump had a ton on his plate,” Colbert said Monday night on the CBS Late Show. “But he still found time to spend with his Fox and friends, because on Friday he called in for an old fashioned, 53-minute conspiracy ramble, starting with debunked claims about the DNC server.”

The comedian then tossed to a clip of the interview, which showed the three Fox & Friends hosts appearing at a loss for words as Trump insisted Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election — instead of Russia — and claimed that “a Ukrainian company” has possession of a hacked Democratic National Committee server.

That prompted Colbert to lose it.

“For Pete’s sake, it’s eight o’clock in the morning! At least let us get a cup of coffee before you start passing out the crazy pills,” Colbert said in defense of the TV hosts.

Colbert then began to imitate the president, and rattled off a string of conspiracy theories in his best Trump voice.

Moments later, he tossed to the portion of the Fox & Friends interview, when host Steve Doocy questioned Trump’s Ukraine assertion asking, “Are you sure?”

Trump responded: “Well, that’s what the word is,” without offering any evidence. It was all too much for Colbert.

“I gotta say, getting fact checked by Fox & Friends is like the Incredible Hulk telling you he doesn’t like you when you’re angry,” the comedian quipped.

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