Andrew Yang Demands MSNBC “Apologize On-Air” For Treatment At Democratic Debate

Democratic presidential candidate former technology executive Andrew Yang speaks as Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., watches during a Democratic presidential primary debate, in Atlanta 20 Nov 2019 Image ID: 10481515bb Featured in: Election 2020 Debate, Atlanta, USA - 20 Nov 2019 Photo Credit: John Bazemore/AP/Shutterstock
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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Saturday he refuses to appear on MSNBC, unless the cable news network issues an apology for leaving him off several on-air graphics, and only giving him a “fraction” of speaking time as other candidates at Wednesday’s debate.

Yang took to Twitter to tell his supporters he had declined an invitation for an interview on the network.

“Was asked to appear on MSNBC this weekend – and told them that I’d be happy to after they apologize on-air, discuss and include our campaign consistent with our polling, and allow surrogates from our campaign as they do other candidates,” he tweeted. “They think we need them. We don’t.”

In a subsequent tweet, the businessman cited examples as to why he’s unhappy with MSNBC.

“They’ve omitted me from their graphics 12+ times, called me John Yang on air, and given me a fraction of the speaking time over 2 debates despite my polling higher than other candidates on stage. At some point you have to call it,” he tweeted.

Yang and his followers criticized MSNBC after Wednesday night’s debate in Atlanta, saying he was given less speaking time than the other candidates.

According to a New York Times analysis, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Ind., had the most speaking time. The report said Yang spoke for 6 minutes, 48 seconds — the least of the candidates on stage. In contrast, Warren spoke for 13 minutes, 29 seconds; and Buttigieg clocked in at 12 minutes, 56 seconds.

MSNBC declined comment on Yang’s tweets.

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