Bernie Sanders Talks Gesticulating, Rumpled Suits & Improv Jobs As He Meets Podcast Impersonator James Adomian

Forever Dog

Bernie Sanders stopped by Bernie Sanders impersonator James Adomian’s podcast The Underculture on a campaign trail pitstop as he aims to secure the Democratic nomination for President.

The podcast, which is part of the Forever Dog podcast network, sees United States Senator from Vermont meet “himself”. There’s an eight-minute video clip of the Bernie-vs-Bernie showdown above.

Joking about Sanders’ gesticulations, Adomian says, “Bernie, however far you think your hands are going, they can go even further”, to which the candidate replies “what people don’t understand with all of these gestures is that it’s part of my exercise regime”.

The pair also partake in friendly competition over whose suit is more rumpled with the real Sanders saying there’s a “real art to the rumple”.

There was some real political talk during the interview, Sanders joking that his federal jobs program means that “anyone who wants to go into improv will have a job”. He also addressed being called “crazy Bernie” by President Trump. “Mr President, people who live in glass houses should not be throwing rocks. The important point is respect,” he said.

The full episode is available to stream and download now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher, and video of the interview is available on YouTube. Forever Dog was founded in 2016 by Brett Boham, Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey.

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