Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Mock Ukraine President’s “Love” Of Trump’s Assets

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. (Credit: CBS/Comedy Central)
CBS/Comedy Central

The late-night shows zeroed in on the House impeachment inquiry once again Monday. Both Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert dissected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s reported affection for President Trump.

According to closed-door testimony Friday, State Department official David Holmes told lawmakers U.S. ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, informed Trump that the Ukrainian leader would do “anything you ask him to,” adding that Zelensky “loves your ass.”

Cue the jokes about Trump’s assets.

“Oh, who doesn’t?” quipped Stephen Colbert Monday on The Late Show. The CBS show then flashed a picture of Trump on screen playing tennis in short shorts, prompting Colbert to let out a suggestive grunt.

Over on The Daily Show, Comedy Central host Trevor Noah also had a field day with the comment.

“A few days ago, Fox News was saying impeachment wasn’t sexy enough, now we have ass play,” Noah joked.

The comedian then quoted a lyric from the Sir Mix-a-Lot single “I Like Big Butts,” and said he expects the hearings to get much more interesting.

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