Stephen Colbert Goes All ‘Gossip Girl’ About Pizzazz-Free Impeachment Hearing


Who knew Stephen Colbert was a Gossip Girl fanboy? The Late Show host tonight went all shipper as he talked about others talking about Tuesday’s first television hearing in the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry.

He showed a clip of Kellyanne Conway on Fox News’ Fox & Friends lamenting what she perceived as a lack of action at the Capitol Hill shindig. In it she says: “You tune in, you’re either sound asleep or you can’t follow he said/she said/she said/he said/he said — it’s a bunch of gossip girls.” Shrugging off a line that likely would draw major ire if spoken by a man, Colbert said: “Well is it boring or is it Gossip Girl? Because it can’t be both. Gossip Girl was a very successful show — that’s why you’re referencing it.

“And,” he added emphatically, “it’s why I’m still not over Serena ending up with Dan — it was supposed to be Nate!”

Colbert then turned his attention to an NBC News report that said the House Intelligence Committee hearing “lacked the pizzazz necessary to capture public attention.” He said, “Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for in deeply troubling congressional hearings — ‘zazz! That’s why during Iran-contra Oliver North came dressed as Elton John.”

Watch a clip from his monologue here.

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