Discovery, Vizio’s Inscape Set Measurement Pact Covering 12 Million Smart TVs

J Scott Applewhite/AP/Shutterstock

Discovery and Inscape, a unit of Vizio, have set a partnership for TV measurement that will yield data from 12 million smart TVs.

In a measurement landscape with many moving parts, smart TV data has gained currency with many programmers and advertisers in recent years. It reflects a more comprehensive view of usage on the TV set, from over-the-air to pay-TV to streaming. Traditional TV measurement has struggled to catch up to the rapid changes in viewing habits.

Discovery plans to put the viewership information to use in a range of ways, from enhancing programming teams’ insights into audience behavior to helping advertisers refine marketing campaigns..

In a press release, David Leavy, Chief Corporate Operating Officer of Discovery, called Inscape “one of the most dynamic companies in the space.” Through the collaboration, he added, Discovery can “reimagine how audience measurement is captured and sold across the new products and platforms of the future and create more value overall.”

The deal will give Discovery access to Inscape’s trove of automated content recognition [ACR] data, which will supplement panel-based Nielsen viewership stats.

One of the aims of the enhanced data offering is to enable Discovery to see how viewing across across linear broadcast and authenticated pay-TV apps, and how the two interrelate. The hope is also that Discovery will gain understanding how show promos drive tune-in across all platforms. With Discovery having finally jumped into the U.S. direct-to-consumer game with its Food Network Kitchen launch, the Inscape data will also help enlighten the company about what drives subscriptions.

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