‘Skylanders Academy’ Sales Agent 41 Entertainment Reboots ‘Roswell Conspiracies’ For YA Market

41 Entertainment

Skylanders Academy sales agent 41 Entertainment is doubling down on its drive into the YA animation space with a new version of Roswell Conspiracies.

The company is developing an eight-part series, consisting of hour-long episodes, based on the 1999 BKN series created by Kaaren Lee Brown. It will target the CGI series to males aged 12-24 with a 2021 launch.

The series follows a top-secret multinational organization known as the Alliance, which consists of humans and aliens hunting horrible and bloodthirsty extraterrestrials. Twenty years after the Alliance locked up the last of the enemy aliens, the organization has shrunk in size and scope, leaving a bare-bones team in charge of maintaining Area 51 – and an aging team of complacent guards to watch over their alien prisoners.

However, this summer’s Alienstock, an online invitation to invade Area 51 allowed several of the alien-monsters managed to escape, including the biggest and baddest monster of them all: Nosferatu, the Vampire King. This ancient, cobra-like alien, with his sharp fangs, hooded-head and unquenchable thirst for blood, is the original source of all vampire legends. It’s now up to a new generation of Alliance agents to hunt down and recapture this dangerous escapee. Leading the search for Nosferatu is a pair of hotshot alien hunters – 24-year-old Nigerian-born Michael “Eek” Ekong and his new partner, a 21- year-old rookie from Norway, Valerie Torsdotter.

41 Entertainment, run by Managing Director Allen Bohbot, has moved into YA animation as it believes that the kids’ animation has been skewing very young in the past few years and that there’s a gap in the market targeting slightly older kids.

“Science fiction is always interesting – especially to older kids and young adults. This project speaks to a current, and consistently, trending topic of UFOs, aliens and, the world’s desire to know what’s really hidden behind the locked gates of Area 51,” said Kiersten Halstead, 41 Entertainment’s Vice President of Acquisitions, Development and Production. “We developed it in-house to speak to a global audience who knows that aliens are indeed real.”

“This story will resonate with fans of science fiction who like their alien conspiracies mixed with plenty of action, a bit of romance and a lot comedy,” added Showrunner Kaaren Lee Brown, who created the original project.

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