‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’: Donald Trump’s “Stupid Watergate” Has Hit “Rock Bottom” With Roger Stone’s Involvement


With the House calling witnesses for Donald Trump’s public impeachment hearings this week, John Oliver continued to dive deep into the events during Last Week Tonight in the ongoing “Stupid Watergate” saga. On Sunday night, he focused on a trio of players in the story: Lindsey Graham, Roger Stone and Randy Credico — with an emphasis on Stone, who Oliver refers to as a “steampunk Andy Warhol.”

Oliver continues to skewer the events surrounding Trump’s impeachment inquiry and has a never-ending arsenal of quips for the situation. This week he compared the scandal to a “rubber chicken in your ass”. He said “It’s kind of funny but also serious because something needs to be done about it.

In response to the upcoming witnesses for the public impeachment hearings, Trump gave one of his speeches where he talks over a loud helicopter claiming he “caught the swamp” which Oliver calls “non-sensical”.

The desperate defense continued with Lindsey Graham who said in an interview that Trump didn’t demand a quid quo pro in regards to the scandal. Oliver then took a jab at Graham saying that he went from saying “there was no quid quo pro” to “Trump is too dumb to do one”.

As the story continues to unravel, this week brought past news to the forefront in regards to Trump’s contacts with Russia and who talked to whom and what he knew. Much of this came out in the Mueller Report, but certain details like those involving WikiLeaks were redacted because they pertain to ongoing cases. One of those cases involved Roger Stone.

After discussing how Stone’s back tattoo of Richard Nixon is “too big and not big enough” (yes, he really does have a tattoo of the Nixon), Oliver discussed how he has lied to have Trump’s back.

“Stone stands accused of misleading Congress about his efforts to get information from WikiLeaks,” Oliver points out. “He claims that he never spoke directly with Julian Assange and testified in 2017 that he instead relied on upon an intermediary —specifically Randy Credico, a radio host and comedian.”

Credico then denied being an intermediary and Stone did not respond nicely. He called Credico a “rat” and told him to “prepare to die”, which he later said was taken out of context. Stone claimed that Credico told him that he had terminal prostate cancer and that he was telling him to “prepare to die”. Credico said he didn’t have prostate cancer.

“That’s a weird thing to say to someone who does,” laughed Oliver.

Nonetheless, with all the legal trouble Stone is in, he is raising money to pay for fees via his website. He is selling T-shirts, hats, hoodies, tank tops and dog tags that say “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong!” as well as an “I Love Porn Stars” T-shirt. In addition, he is selling a “Roger Stone” stone, a silver stone that is signed by him for the bargain price of $12 (reduced from $15).

“I didn’t think it was possible for an ordinary rock to become more worthless,” snarked Oliver. “In a way, this actually might be the perfect emblem of this whole stupid time we’re living in. Because if one of the president’s key allies is a discount Dick Tracy villain, we might as well face it — we have all hit literal rock bottom.”

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