Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah Take A Bite Out Of “Juicy” New Impeachment Turn

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. (Credit: CBS/Comedy Central)
CBS/Comedy Central

The House impeachment inquiry took a new turn Tuesday, and according to the late-night comedians it was “juicy.”

Just weeks after testifying that he had no knowledge of quid pro quo on Ukraine, U.S. ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland made a stunning reversal.

Stephen Colbert recapped the day’s developments on The Late Show during his “Don and the Giant Impeach” segment.

“Today, the leader of the impeachment inquiry, Adam Schiff dropped two more juicy transcripts and they came with hot new bonus tracks — brand new additional testimony from one of the officials at the center of the Ukraine scheme,” Colbert explained.

That official was Sondland, who dropped a bombshell and said: “I now do recall” quid pro quo. Sondland’s about-face came after he testified on Oct. 17 that he did not “recall taking part in any effort to encourage an investigation into the Bidens.”

Colbert said he could sense the tide is turning — and it’s not good for President Trump.

“I’m beginning to think this Donald Trump fella might get impeached,” Colbert quipped.

Still, the CBS late-night host said Sondland probably had a good reason to change his tune.

“I don’t want to go to jail for perjury,” Colbert said as he imitated the diplomat.

Over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah was fuming over the fact that Sondland was allowed to revise his testimony.

“Wow! So, this guy is just revising the testimony he gave under oath?” the Comedy Central star said. “We can’t even edit our tweets but this guy is walking into Congress saying, ‘oh, you said quid pro quo? I thought you said squid pro quo.'”

True. But there are edit buttons on Facebook and Instagram. Anyway, Noah admitted he feels bad for Sondland.

“He was the first to testify, and he probably thought everyone else was going to have his back,” Noah explained. “But instead, everyone snitched on him, and now he’s saying, ‘No no. I’m also changing my story.'”

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