ESPN NFL Analyst Can’t Find The Right Place To Touch Down

The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol, as the old song goes. Not so much for ESPN’s Randy Moss, who apparently wasn’t clear on where he wanted to go on a flight to work.

The ESPN analyst and Hall of Fame pro football receiver wound up in the wrong state before his appearance on the sports network’s Sunday NFL Countdown. Instead of Bristol, Connecticut, his flight took him to Bristol, Tennessee. It was unclear whether Moss gave bad directions or the pilot merely assumed the destination.

“Stopped off at my son’s last football game of his senior year. The pilot tells me, ‘We have about an hour and five, hour and 10-minute flight.’ Cool. I lay back, put my hat over my eyes, lay the visor down,” Moss said on the show. “Once we land, I’m looking for the Sheraton, the hotel that connects at Bradley (International Airport). I said, ‘Hey, where are we?’ He said, ‘We’re in Bristol.’ I said, ‘Bristol?’ Bristol, Tennessee! I was supposed to be in Bristol, Connecticut.”

Moss, 42,  joined ESPN three years ago.


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