President Trump Says He Will Soon Reveal Alexander Vindman Is A Never Trumper

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump told the media that he would soon show evidence that Alexander Semyon Vindman, the US Army lieutenant colonel who serves as the Director for European Affairs for the National Security Council and has spoken to Adam Schiff’s closed-door impeachment session, is a Never Trumper.

Speaking to media on the White House lawn after getting off Marine One, Trump was asked what evidence he has that Vindman is a Never Trumper, He replied: “We’ll be showing that to you real soon, OK?”

Trump was also asked what he would like to know from the alleged whistleblower,who started the inquiry into his Ukraine phone call, where it is alleged he tried to get that country to investigate the Biden family under threat of withholding military aid.

“Well, the whistleblower gave a very inaccurate report and, as you know, certain of the media released information about a man that they said was the whistleblower,” said Trump. “I don’t know if that’s true or not. But what they said is he’s an Obama person, it was involved with Brennan, Susan Rice which means Obama, but he was like a big anti-Trump person. Hated Trump and they said terrible things.

“Now, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that was reported by some of the media so you’ll have to find out. I don’t know why the media’s not on it because the whistleblower gave a very inaccurate report about my phone call. My phone call was perfecto. It was totally appropriate. He gave a report – he or she – but according to the newspapers it’s a he. They think they know – they know who it is! You know who it is. You just don’t want to report it. CNN knows who it is but you don’t want to report it. And you would be doing the public a service if you did.

“The whistleblower gave a false report and because of that false report people thought bad things were done, and then you had Schiff go out and speak before Congress and before the American people and give a false story. He made up a story. And after all this was done, I released and everybody said he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Trump contended the whistleblower is being accused of fraud in some circles. “I won’t go that far.  But, when I read it closely, I probably would. But the whistleblower should be revealed.”

He added, “Where is the second whistleblower and why did Schiff make a lie when he said about what I said on the phone call? And why didn’t the lieutenant colonel say that he wrote a letter to the White House with certain little comments about the phone call? And all of those many people that listened to the phone call, why didn’t they have a problem with it?

“Because they didn’t – many people listen to calls, I know that.”

Trump concluded, “So, you know, it’s a whole scam. It’s an impeachment scam and you know what it is, it’s between the Democrats and the fake news media.”


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