President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

President Donald Trump Shutterstock

He’s been accused of not liking to read memos, but President Donald Trump knows a good book when he sees one. Today’s late breaking tweetstorm (perhaps owing to his Mississippi appearance last night and late arrive back at the White House) touts a campaign memoir from author Howie Carr.

What Really Happened: How Donald J. Trump Saved America From Hillary Clinton (published by Frandel) is an answer to Clinton’s What Happened. Carr chronicles the 2016 election, as told by a veteran journalist who was in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign from day one.

The Commander-in-Tweet apparently likes it. “Howie is a talented New England force who was there at the very beginning!” Trump also called it “A great new book.”

There are no public events listed so far on the President’s schedule, which means there’s plenty of time left in the day for tweets. We’ll update as more communications role in.

The tweetstorm so far:

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