Sony Classics’ ‘Pain And Glory’ Is “Self-Fiction” For Pedro Almodóvar, Says Antonio Banderas – The Contenders L.A.

Antonio Banderas
Rob Latour/Deadline/Shutterstock

In conversation with Deadline’s Pete Hammond at Deadline’s The Contenders Los Angeles, star Antonio Banderas said Sony Pictures Classics’ Pain and Glory blends both the reality and the dreams of director Pedro Almodóvar into a new sort of truth.

“It’s something that he calls self-fiction,” Banderas said of the director and their eighth movie together. The actor’s words onstage at the DGA Theater on Saturday reflected the poetic quality of the director’s films including Pain and Glory, the story of a film director reflecting on his past. The film is in Spanish with subtitles.

“We have known each other for 40 years,” Banderas said of his relationship with Almodóvar. He described some events as autobiographical but said of other elements: “He would have loved for those things to happen, and that is important not only (in) the things we have done and we have said (but) the things that we have dreamt.”

Banderas said the movie gives Almodóvar a chance to explore some of his own wounds and his relationship with his family, as well as with actors on the set, and “with his ex-lover, with cinema and with life itself…he uses his art to fulfill those pieces of his life that were not filled at the right time. People travel with a suitcase of greatness and misery, of pain and glory.” Banderas said going on Almodóvar’s journey with him was also painful and called for the actor “to give myself permission to get into places I have never been before as an actor…Pedro wanted for me something fresh, different…metaphorically, you have to kill yourself.”

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