Mailer Tuchman Media Debuts Film And TV Slate Anchored By Norman Mailer Drama

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EXCLUSIVE: Mailer Tuchman Media has launched with an initial slate of film and TV projects anchored by Mailer, a drama series about the late author/provocateur.

Mailer’s son, John Buffalo Mailer, is creative director of MTM, which is both producing and financing. Joining him are Martin Tuchman, the company’s executive producer, and Jennifer Gelfer, executive director.

Mailer is a screenwriter, journalist, playwright, actor, producer and Norman Mailer’s youngest child. His work includes writing and acting in 2017 film Blind, and acting in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and The Second Sun.

Tuchman is an entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist. He is chairman and CEO of The Tuchman Group, a firm with holdings in real estate, banking and international shipping. Gelfer is a director, producer and actor whose credits include In Between Men, Showing Roots, Blind and The Second Sun, which was her feature directing debut.


Mailer is based on J. Michael Lennon’s biography, Norman Mailer: A Double Life. A larger-than-life figure, Mailer rose to fame in the mid-20th century, both for novels like The Naked and the Dead and for being part of the invention of “new journalism” along with writers like Truman Capote and Tom Wolfe. He died in 2007.

The other TV project set up at MTM is Who Wrote the Bible? The series is based on the bestselling book of the same title by Old Testament scholar Richard Elliott Friedman.

In addition to that series, MTM has three features in the works, two of which are completed and being submitted to festivals.

MTM released its first feature film, The Second Sun, in August with a limited release in New York and LA. Based on true events, the film about two people who meet one night in post-WWII Manhattan, is now available on Amazon Prime.

Upcoming film projects include Diery, Inside Me and Storyteller.

Diery is a psychological thriller adapted from Martinko’s book of short stories, Chapters One. The cast includes Claudia Maree Mailer, Thomas Q. Jones and Keisha Castle Hughes.

Inside Me is a thriller written and directed by Matthew Berkowitz. The cast includes Merrin Dungey of Big Little Lies as well as Devon Graye, Jennifer Gelfer, Thomas Q. Jones and Anthony Desando.

Storyteller, which is still in development, is a mystery in which famed writer, journalist and Mailer contemporary Gay Talese will play himself.

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