Stephen Colbert, Uhhhh, Congratulates Donald Trump On Killing ISIS Leader


“This the big one. This is the biggest one, perhaps, that we’ve ever captured because this is the one that built ISIS.” No, President Donald Trump was not talking about his predecessor in the Oval Office — the guy he famously branded “the founder of ISIS.”

Stephen Colbert went to the tape on CBS’ The Late Show tonight to let Trump brag about just how big the military’s killing of the reviled terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi indeed was. “This is the biggest there is,” POTUS 45 asserted. “This is the worst ever. Osama bin Laden was big, but Osama bin Laden became big with the World Trade Center.”

Colbert cut in: “I remember. … You know how I know killing bin Laden was a big deal? Because Barack Obama never had to say that killing bin Laden was a big deal.”

But the late-night host ultimately gave credit where credit is due. “So was this. This was a very big deal. … It was bigger than the bin Laden announcement in one way: length.” Quoting the Washington Post, Colbert said, “Trump delivered a 50-minute performance compared to Obama’s nine-minute speech.”

Taking a mild swipe at POTUS 44, Colbert added: “Keep in mind, that was Obama. So we know that four minute of that was, ‘Uhhhhhh. Look.'”

Watch the monologue here:

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