‘SNL’: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Rally Welcomes Return Of Darrell Hammond As Clinton

Courtesy of NBC via Twitter

After a week off, Saturday Night Live came in hot with Alec Baldwin returning as Donald Trump for a rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or as he put it, “the albacore tuna capital of the United States”. Throughout his rally, he was joined by an interesting roster of MAGA supporters — as well as some familiar faces including SNL alums Darrell Hammond and Fred Armisen.

Cecily Strong was the first to come out, wearing a shirt that said “Keem Amarca Greab Agrain”. Trump pointed out the typos to which she said, “This was taken verbatim from one of your tweets, therefore, it’s correct  — the words didnt change because you said so, sir!”

After scooting her off the stage, Mikey Day came out on stage as a member of “Bikers For Trump” and pointed out that all that Trump did was “shake down a foreign government to get dirt on his political enemy.”  He asked, “I mean, is that wrong?” And right before scooted him off, he yelled, “I love you — I don’t care what they say, I know its big!”

Following these two characters was Aidy Bryant as an overeager woman who told Trump, “I love you and worship you as the one true white lord” before claiming Michelle Obama’s book Becoming was a form of witchcraft and claiming that “the Earth was flat and Beyonce is white!” Pete Davidson was also on hand to play a freed prisoner from Syria who wanted to “make ISIS great again.”

From her Swiss army knife of impressions, Kate McKinnon took out Lindsay Graham who Trump referred to as “a scoop of ice cream melting into a suit.”

McKinnon as Graham responded, “It’s because I’m sweating profusely all the time — even my bodily fluids are trying to distance themselves from me.” From there she pledged her loyalty to Trump and then went into a Tennessee Williams soliloquy.

This led to Alex Moffat’s wide-eyed and socially awkward Mark Zuckerberg who said that “Facebook is not pro-Russia…it’s just not anti-Russia.” He then said “Facebook only cares about the truth that’s why we created an independent fact-checking review board that is extremely rigorous.” Davidson’s ISIS character came back out to point out that he’s on the board and he let’s everything through.

This was followed by the return of Hammond as Bill Clinton. Trump welcomed him to the rally to which he said, “Is that what this was? I just followed the party!”

When Trump mentioned he was getting impeached and Clinton smirked, “You dirty dog!”

Trump reassured, “Not for that! They don’t mind when I do that, trust me!”

“Now, that’s progress,” Clinton said we a thumbs up and a smile.

Rounding out the roster was Armisen as President Erdoğan from Turkey. We’re treating the Kurds are really well!” he said.

Trump said that the two are real good friends now to which Erdoğan remarked, “It’s like when franco and Mussolini would take vacations together!”

Watch the video above.

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